Jun 26 2012

Vixen and the Pea (June 2012)


All that stands between playboy Prince Koldo and the throne is his wife…or the lack thereof. Koldo has no desire to wed anyone, let alone the know-it-all shrew his parents favor.

Lady Otsana is fed up with the oppressive sexism that requires she hide her face, body and brains. She much prefers the sexual adventures she enjoys out of her birka-like clothing when she becomes Fleur.

Prince Koldo also has an alter ego, Bero. Only Fleur is not fooled by his disguise. Just as Fleur and Bero’s attempts to best each other in the bedroom blossom into romance, Koldo reaches the end of his tether. His bride will be chosen by contest at the upcoming King’s Ball.

Otsana must make a difficult decision. Will she enter the Prince’s contest and risk all for a chance at love or will she play it safe but give up Bero forever?

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  1. Terri Rochenski (@TerriRochenski)

    I think I’ll go visit Amazon right now. ;)

    1. Lila

      Thanks, Terri! :D Very much appreciated!

  2. Tina B

    Happy Release Day, Lila!!!

    1. Lila

      Thanks, Tina!

  3. Kastil

    Bought it. One click FtW!

    1. Lila

      Haven’t I always said how much I lurve one click? I know I have! Thank you!

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