Jul 12 2012

Guest Kastil Eavenshade talks about The Heat of His Kiss

All my guests are special but Kastil Eavenshade is an extra special one. She and I joined the Evernight Publishing family at the same time about a year ago with our contributions to the Midnight Seduction Halloween anthology in 2011. But before that, we were and still are Scribophile buddies and Penis Sisters (long story I’ll share another time but it’s nothing kinky so don’t get all excited or nothing).

I shall turn over the reins to Ms. Eavenshade at this point to let her tell you herself about her LATEST release from Evernight (because she’s been very busy since that first short story in the Halloween anthology.) Take it away, Kastil!


Back when I became an author at Evernight Publishing, I never thought I’d come this far. Time sometimes throttles me to bits but when NaNo came around, I did a whole bunch of little stories instead of a 50k never to be finished novel.

Thus The Heat of His Kiss was born. I didn’t mean for it to happen. Mandy was a very minor character in Dream Weaver, my contribution to the Midnight Seduction: Manlove edition. She demanded to have her story be told and seduced my muse with gusto. The little whore gave in like he always does (SLUT!). Here’s the premise behind it:

When Mandy Weaver witnesses her fae brethren Justin find his beloved and life mate, her own eternal time clock ticks down to the last seconds. She hasn’t many moon cycles left before her choice to return to the heavens where she belongs is ripped away.

All because of a curse bestowed by Aphrodite and carried out by her son Eros. But Mandy can’t settle for the first man who charms her out of her clothes. If it’s not true love, she will be forced to live among the humans forever with an insatiable need for intimate contact every full moon.

To make matters worse Eros—the god responsible for damning her kind to the moral world—wants her for his own. Can she resist the man who caused her exile or submit to his charms?

A long shadow stretched across the print on the page, taking away her source of light.

“Enjoying the book, Mandy?”

She stiffened at the familiar voice. “Eros.” The word hissed from her throat as she slammed the book shut. Eyes full of fire bore into the God of Love. Mandy cursed inwardly, finally understanding the true nature of the tome in her hand.

Saggito meant ‘arrow’ in Latin.

Standing, her high heels gave her a good view of his crystal blue eyes.

“You planned this, didn’t you? Just one more rub in my face for what you’ve done.” She shoved the book into him. He reached out and snatched her. Only the hardback stood between their bodies touching.

“I always enjoyed your fiery temperament, Meldacaniel.” His finger traced along her jaw.

“Don’t call me that.” Heat rose in her cheeks as her fairy name tumbled from his lips. No matter how much anger she held for him, hearing her namesake in his deep baritone voice sent shivers up her spine. Warmness pooled at her center.

“I hear Justin found his mate.” His breath teased her skin. “You must be thrilled for him.”

She jerked from his grasp. “Bastard.” The grin on his face infuriated her further, and she stomped away. Eros’ power to compel two people to join also coated his scent, giving an erotic charge to her. That he could have so much power didn’t sit well in her stomach. In the fairy realm, she’d have given in to his whims and gladly curled her body close to his. In fact, she had. He molded to her body like no other and brought her to pleasurable heights she had not bathed in since being cursed.

“Damn you.” She seethed and blew out a breath to calm down. Whether she wanted to or not, her boss had put her in charge of this signing. She had to keep it together. Turning, Mandy noted Eros still smiled like a Cheshire cat. She adjusted her lapels and stalked toward him.

Two can play this game, she thought as her hips took a seductive sway. “Mr. Priapus, I have you seated right near the entranceway. May I bring you anything to drink?”

“You already have.” He winked. “Perhaps after this you and I can have a more intimate chat.” His eyes roamed the length of her body.

Her lips pursed into a tight smile, and she leaned in close. Mandy gave a slight moaning breath into his ear. “This isn’t the fae world, Eros. You’ve tasted what I have to offer before but here? Among the humans you cursed us with? I’ll give you nothing.”

“We’ll see about that one, my wild kitten. Keep the claws out. I like a challenge.” Eros glided past her and sat behind the large oak desk.

Mandy’s skin tingled and wetness formed between her legs. It became apparent she couldn’t resist his charms. Once the book signing ended, she’d disappear in the throng of wanting women vying for the egotistical man’s attention and race to her apartment to release the sexual tension with her own hands.


The Heat of His Kiss is part of Evernight’s new shorter length story line, Romance on the Go.

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Jul 11 2012

Adonis Devereux is back with The Soldier’s Lotus!

Today I am thrilled to spotlight a fellow Evernight Publishing author, the husband and wife writing team known as Adonis Devereux, and their latest offering, The Soldier’s Lotus.


Thanks for having us today! Hi, we’re the husband-wife writing team of Adonis Devereux.

You know what’s different about us? I’m sure you’re all aware of how it’s trendy for romance novels to have both the heroine’s and the hero’s points of view. Well, since we’re a husband-wife writing team, we have the advantage of the right writer writing the right gender. The Mr. writes the chapters with the hero’s POV, and the Mrs. writes the heroine’s!

We’d like to introduce today our fifth erotic romance novel set in the fantasy world of Gilalion, a place where anything is possible, especially love against all odds. The Soldier’s Lotus explores themes of slavery, revenge, and unexpected love between a white woman and a black man. Saerileth, the heroine, comes from a small island nation dependent on the larger and more powerful nation on the mainland. When she meets Darien, the large, sex-god navy captain, she remembers him from her past, though he does not recognize her.

If you haven’t fallen into our world yet, now’s your chance. And don’t forget to check out our backlist, all titles coming from this erotic, fantastic world.

Comment below for a chance to win not only a free copy of The Soldier’s Lotus but also the map that accompanies the novel!

Don’t forget to “like” our Facebook Author Page for access to exclusive content including maps and recipes. Happy reading!


One death. Saerileth had trained all her life for one death. From the time her clan had been massacred when she was five years old, until now, thirteen years later, Saerileth has sought one death. Now that she has attained the rank of full-blown Lotus, she has been sent by the Red Lotus guild to the foreign city of Arinport. But Saerileth has other plans, and the one death she seeks is more to her than the guild’s plans for her. Saerileth’s plans go awry, however, when she meets Darien, the brave soldier from her past, whom she had never expected to see again.

Darien alters everything, simply by being there, and Saerileth is swept up into a world of intrigue and assassination that makes seeking her one death even harder. But her mission of vengeance is difficult to reconcile with being the soldier’s Lotus, and in the end, Saerileth’s choice will affect three nations.

 Be Warned: multiple partners, ménage sex, anal sex, m/m sex, spanking, erotic asphyxiation.


“I must enter you now,” Darien said, and Saerileth’s eyes widened.


“To prevent my crew from taking you themselves and dividing you as common spoil.”

“Can you not just order them not to?”

Darien shook his head. “They found you. If I renounce salvage rights to you, they can claim them. The only way to put you utterly beyond their power is to make you my legal concubine.”

“Then why do you not just tell them I am?” Saerileth shifted on the divan and crossed her ankles.

Darien glanced back at Kamen who stood in front of the door and looked straight ahead, bending his concentration on the invisible air. He did not make eye contact with Darien. Something serious ate at him, something that had started the moment Saerileth came aboard.

“I tried that once,” Darien said, returning his attention to the girl he knew he must couple with. “There was no contract, no witness. I didn’t want to take the girl against her will, so I faked it. We Sunjaa are the People of the Word, as you probably know. If it isn’t written down and witnessed, it didn’t happen.” Darien did not enjoy talking about this, but he wanted Saerileth to understand. “Well, my crew went ahead and raped her anyway, and I wasn’t able to do anything about it. She was their salvage, and I had failed her.”

Saerileth stood and let her pallav fall. Darien drew in a long, deep breath. Her beauty was divine, every line and curve perfect. “Your pain is fresh, as if this happened yesterday. You are a man of deep feeling.” And she laid her hand on the bare part of his chest that lay exposed from his loose shirt.

Her flesh was still cold from the seawater, but her touch was like fire on his skin, sending hunger through him. “I will take you, then.” It was half statement, half question. He laid his hands on her shoulders, feeling her delicate frame beneath his strong, soldierly hands.

All Saerileth did was look up at him through her long, black eyelashes and nod. That sent Darien over the edge. He picked her up and kissed her mouth, tasting her lips as if they were fruit. She was half his size, and he easily wrapped his arms around her back, bringing his hands to her opposite sides. She threw her arms around his neck as she kissed him back with equal fervor. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, and due to their size difference, she was practically perched on his massive, muscular frame. To Darien, she was no weight at all. He had carried heavier sacks of grain.

Saerileth unwrapped her pallav from her left forearm and tossed it away. With both hands free, she ran her fingers across Darien’s close-cropped hair. Between kisses, Darien could catch glimpses of her body. Under the pallav, she wore a short shirt that left her midriff bare, and the skirt she wore, though tight, accommodated a wide range of movement. The material was elastic enough to allow her legs free reign.

Darien laid Saerileth down on the divan and lay on top of her, though he rested most of his weight on his forearms and one knee that wedged itself between the cushions. So much for the pristine state of the divan! But to Darien, this moment made his saving it worth it. He wanted to be rough with Saerileth, but this was her first time with him, so he promised himself he would be gentle. By the way she ground against him and the way she deep-kissed, Darien guessed she was skilled in sex, but he could not know whether she had ever taken a man of his size inside her before. Considering she was dressed as if she had just come from the Dimadan, he guessed she had not. The Sunjaa were better endowed than the Zenji, and Darien was better endowed than any other Sunjaa he knew. And he had seen a lot of cocks in his day.

Saerileth blindly yanked at his breeches, and he blindly yanked at the shirt that hugged her breasts. They could not stop even for a moment to look at what they were doing; he needed more of her kisses. He did not want to miss one taste. He was greedy for this beautiful, pale stranger, and her clear desire for him only served to make him abandon all reason. His growl slipped past her tongue, and she responded by sucking on his bottom lip. His cock swelled, and he was obliged to reach down and loosen the strings so that his cock might burst free. When it did, it slapped against Saerileth’s belly with such a smack that she gasped and pulled away from Darien. Her eyes searched his in wonderment, as if she had discovered hidden treasure. She gazed into his eyes as her hand found his cock. Once she touched it, she smiled at Darien, let slip a light laugh, and fell to kissing him again.

Purchase it (and our other books) from:

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Best wishes for runaway success with all your books!

More About Adonis Devereux

Adonis Devereux is two people made one. He grew up in Michigan and in rural Indiana, a Midwestern boy with a passion for story. She was rootless, a Virginia native who lived in London, Paris, and Rome before her parents settled just outside Tokyo. Like him, stories burned in her.

They met in university at a poetry reading, and their love story continued into marriage, graduate school, and half a dozen children. Now he teaches at a Japanese national university, and she teaches children to invert fractions and decline Latin nouns, all while researching ancient Roman and medieval recipes for their novels.

You can connect with Adonis in the following ways:

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Jul 08 2012

Six Sentence Sunday — Soul of the Succubus #1 #SixSunday

Welcome to “Six Sentence Sunday”.  Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you’d care to leave.

Soul of the Succubus is a Romance on the Go story from Evernight, short enough at 8500 words to be read in a single sitting, before bed, on a commute, etc.  A short story writer at heart, I love that the world of digital publishing makes this length viable for a stand-alone work.

<Begin authorial puffery> My editor likened this story to Buffy the Vampire Slayer only instead of a slayer, Buffy, or Yve in my case, is a nearly four thousand year old succubus. High praise I hope the reading public agrees with.</end authorial puffery> :)

In this six, Yve, a succubus, has just completed a redemption ceremony to reclaim her soul after delivering her millionth and final soul to Lou, a demon of the underworld. But Lou is not letting his top succubus go so easily and snatches her back right as she’s about to return to the mortal world.

“Nobody cheats me!” Less than a second later [Lou]’s standing in front of me, my chin in his hand. “Especially not by a temptress who had nothing more complicated to do than spread her legs.”

My jaw tenses. I’m sick of the attitude that succubi are no more than walking vaginas with a top notch advertising campaign. I’ve put up with the snickers and sneers from Lou and his demons for four millennia.

Soul of the Succubus

Soul of the Succubus releases July 24th from Evernight Publishing!

If you enjoyed this tantalizing little nibble, check out the host site, Six Sentence Sunday, for links to more snippets from some very talented writers.

Jul 05 2012

Cocked & Loaded, Shootin’ Stars and Blasting Giveaway Hop!

July 5th – 11th
Hosted by:

Queentutt’s World of Escapism 
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Welcome and a belated Happy Fourth of July holiday (and Happy Canada Day for my northern cousins)! Hope everyone had fun.

Summer is prime reading season for when you’re at the pool or the beach, camping or picnicking, or just chillin in the AC. I’m celebrating with a Red, White and Blue tribute:

Red is for the rich background color of my recently released Naughty Fairy Tale.

Click to read more about this title

White is for white collar, because the bickering protagonists in my romantic comedy are professionals and co-workers.

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Blue is for how sad I am that I don’t yet have my Soul of the Succubus Romance on the Go short story yet because it releases July 24th. BUT, I’ll happily send it along as soon as it does a couple of weeks after the hop ends.

English: a crying blue face

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I’ll be even bluer if you don’t leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook copy of ALL THREE of my Red, White and Blue books above. Please be sure I have your email address somewhere in your comment, either in the form you filled out or in the text of the comment.

That’s all you have to do for a chance to win on my blog. No Rafflecopter, no newsletter subscription, no blog follow, no Facebook like, no Twitter follow, though any or all of the last three would certainly be lovely. ONLY a comment is required, and if you need a subject to comment on, let’s go with:  “Alpha or beta male? Which do you prefer?” And…certainly not a condition to enter but would still be lovely would be a vote for All’s Fair in Love and War (the White book) for June’s Book of the Month over at The TBR book review site.

Don’t forget to check out the host blog for a chance to win even MORE prizes! Here’s the prize info for the hop hosts:

Click me to go to Rafflecopter for Kindle Fire Giveaway

Hello Everyone!  Are you are ready to celebrate Independence?  Well Nikki and Ronda are celebrating big along with their wonderful Co-sponsors.  Yes they are Cocked & Loaded with some amazingly great books, Shootin Stars with the Authors & Bloggers, and Blasting a Giveaway with TWO (2) KINDLE FIRES loaded with the Co-Sponsoring Authors’ books. Click the Fire image above to go to the Rafflecopter entry form.

Cool, Right!  Not only that, at each stop on the hop listed below, you have more chances to win more great prizes. So join in and lets have some fun now that summer’s officially underway, at least for us Northern Hemisphere peeps. If you’re from down under, the reads are great for cold, rainy days too!

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Jul 01 2012

Six Sentence Sunday — Vixen and the Pea #4 #SixSunday

Welcome to “Six Sentence Sunday”.  Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you’d care to leave.

This is the fourth and final six from my Naughty Fairy Tale just released June 26th, Tuesday!!, from Evernight Publishing entitled Vixen and the Pea.

Based loosely on The Princess and the Pea, Prince Koldo is being forced by his parents to choose a bride and settle down. They favor a match with Lady Otsana Tixier. Neither Koldo nor the lady herself, however, are keen on the idea. Both have been donning disguises and sowing wild oats in a neighboring kingdom, Otsana as Fleur and Koldo as Bero. Free of the head covering and heavy veils worn by the maidens of the court, Fleur’s identity as Otsana is secure for the time being.

In this scene, Koldo and Otsana have just awakened from an explosive second night together, both trysts the results of lost bets by Otsana.

Image courtesy of Evernight Publishing

[Koldo] groaned. “Shall we have another wager?”

Otsana smiled inside. She hadn’t quite worked the randy prince out of her system. Perhaps one more wager, one more night would do the trick. And so she agreed, and by her own secret design, lost again.

Be sure to also check out the host site, Six Sentence Sunday, for links to more snippets from some very talented writers.

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