Succubus Bites

Released December 30, 2013:

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Succubus Bites is a collection of dark erotica short stories arranged into five thematic groupings — Reformation, Rage, Recreation, Reconciliation and Redemption — featuring seventeen succubi, sixteen completely different settings, sixteen tasty sin nuggets. Dystopian, space opera, historical, contemporary, zombies, pirates and vampires and a dash of cyber-punk offer readers an erotic sampler.

Bronwyn, Corinne & Delilah and Erin learn the hard way that the company they keep matters gravely in tales of Reformation.

Maeve, Ursula, Quetzl and Tasmin battle anger and other indignities of their existence in tales of Rage.

Felicity, Solange, Helena and Iris embrace their friskier and darker natures in tales of Recreation.

Raina, Gaia and Kismet find new means of coping and acceptance in tales of Reconciliation.

And finally, Yvette and Zoe discover that Redemption, though rare, is possible with a magical ingredient.

Check your happy ending expectations at the door, though you might still smile.