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Evernight’s Love Scene Blog Hop (Feb 7 – 14)

VDayBlogHopHappy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, all the hop stop hosts are posting a love scene from an Evernight story. I thought I’d give you a brand new short story about a pair of my favorite Evernight lovers–Kristy and Blake from “Slave Driver” in the HIS anthology.

The couple knew each other in high school but their flirtation fizzled out due to a misunderstanding. Blake may be her lover now, but he’s also her personal trainer, and he takes his job seriously. So seriously, Kristy has good reason to fret that he might be a little too hard core for her at times, and perhaps not quite as romantic as she’d like.

Continuing their love story several months later, here is a flash fiction short story called:

Heart-shaped Bells

“I should have fired you right after you got into my pants!” Kristy exclaimed as she adjusted her grip on the cold, black kettlebell. Her personal trainer and boyfriend, Blake, had upped the weight from twelve to sixteen kilograms and was demanding she do her usual number of reps.

“Just swing the damn thing and stop your belly-aching.” Blake flipped the page in Kristy’s training log, and jotted down her stats. “No shortcuts. I want fifty good swings to chest level at a steady pace. None of that floaty shit.”

English: Three commonly used kettlebells (Drag...

English: Three commonly used kettlebells (Dragon Door Brand) of various sizes – photographed in Florida, crummy background removed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Fine!” The first swing barely reached the level of her hips.

“You’re going to have to do a lot better than that.”

On the second swing she made it to chest height. Swings three through ten she executed perfectly as well. She just needed a little push…as usual. “Good. Good. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Only thirty-seven more.”

So far neither of them had mentioned the date—Valentines Day, the day for lovers. He hadn’t forgotten, though he’d allowed to her believe he had. All good things in time.

“Oh hush,” Kristy growled. Her foul mood had grown as her hints about the day went unacknowledged or artfully dodged. He hadn’t sent her flowers or candy or even given her a card. “You are a mean…sonova…bitch!” Each word came at the top of the swing arc.

Blake set aside his log and moved to stand in front of her, careful to keep a safe distance from the sixteen kilo kettlebell a lost grip could accidentally hurtle his way. “You like it when I’m mean, admit it.” Taunting her might not have been the best idea, but an offensive strategy offered the best smokescreen for his own nervous energy.

“Twenty. Twenty-one. Twenty-two—”

“You skipped nineteen. Now you’re at twenty-two.”

“Twenty-three. You.can…kiss.my…ass!”

“I’m going to spank it if you don’t stop being such a brat. Thirty. Only twenty more.”


New Release Spotlight: Ariel’s Song by Evie Knight

ariels-song1mPretty cover, right? I think so.  Here today, I have guest Evie Knight to talk about her new release from Evernight Publishing, Ariel’s Song. I’ll let her give you the deets:


Lila, thank you so much for hosting me today and letting me share with your readers my new release titled, Ariel’s Song.

To celebrate the launch of my new release, I have a tour wide giveaway and I’m also gifting an ecopy of Ariel’s Song to one lucky commenter at each blog stop. But before I get to the prizes’ details, let me share with you a bit about the book, and then I’ll tell you what’s up for grabs and what you have to do to enter. Deal?

About Ariel’s Song:

Colin Hoskins, famous classical violinist, is tainted by his past. Angry at life, unable to move beyond the betrayal of his dead fiancé, he’s sworn off performing or falling in love ever again. All Colin wants is to be left alone, except no one listens. Especially the pretty little assistant he can’t fire and his body burns to claim.

Stranded in a foreign country, bankrupted heiress Ariel Parks needs a job to fund her way home. Assistant of sorts to the musician she’s fantasized about for years sounds like a dream job. She never imagined the gorgeous genius would be a reclusive beast. But the real problem is the way every nerve in her body tingles at the mention of his name.


Sneak Preview:

“What makes you think you’re qualified for this job?”

A pair of caramel gold eyes stared at her. Ariel couldn’t believe she was talking with him. Colin Hoskins. The famous musician. He looked hotter up close than he deserved to be. His intent gaze reminded her of the first time she’d listened to one of his songs, falling in love with his music irrevocably. And the many times she’d touched herself, imagining him making love to her.

Not once, not ever, did the thought cross her mind she’d one day be at Colin’s house, interviewing for a job. Ariel glanced around his elegant study, taking in the impeccable dark wood floors and matching drapes, in an effort to ignore his you’re wasting my time attitude. When she’d decided to answer the ad earlier today, she never imagined the job to be this hard to get.

He stood up and circled his desk, stopping behind her chair. “Well?” Colin twisted his finger in the long curl brushing one side of her face, pulling it.


To continue reading what happens next, visit my next blog stop tomorrow at: Caribbean Accent Book Reviews


Where you can buy it

All Romance eBooks  | Amazon | BookStrand | Evernight Publishing

About Evie:

Evie Knight writes wickedly sexy contemporary romances with irresistible bad boys, sassy heroines, a bit of conflict, humor and a dash of spice. When she’s not hard at work writing, she spends her time blogging, reading, listening to music, or looking for a muse.

She lives in sunny Southern California.

Evie loves hearing from her readers. Feel free to drop her a line at [email protected] or you can stalk her on Twitter @inlovewromance

Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter


So, what’s up for grabs?

Tour wide giveaway is a Kindle or $70 Amazon gift card – OPEN INTERNATIONALLY

One ecopy of Ariel’s Song (one lucky commenter at each blog stop) — OPEN INTERNATIONALLY


What do you have to do to enter?

Answer this:  Who’s your favorite singer/music band?

Add Ariel’s Song to your TBR GoodreadsIcon

Then, do one or all of these:

1. Like my Facebook page

2. Subscribe to my blog

3. Follow me on Twitter @inlovewromance

Use the Rafflecopter below that will run tour-long.

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#8Sunday To sleep, perchance to dream…of a good man


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SnippetSundayScissorsMy eight sentences for Weekend Writing Warriors this week come from my first western, Wild West Succubus.

I’ve tweaked the text slightly from the published book to keep the spoilers out of it and to make it eight sentences.

I’m too tired to ride, a unique sensation I seem to have forgotten since turning succubus. Hugo steers me to the hotel to get a room for the night. He offers to sleep on the floor, a noble offer I accept. I collapse fully clothed on the bed, and fall asleep. I dream—of William, of Caleb, of Carlton, and of Hugo, especially Hugo—all the truly good men I have known in my long life.

The sun has barely begun to rise above the horizon when its first rays steal into our tiny room and waken me.

I stretch, surprised at how sore I am. When I glance Hugo’s way, he’s awake, sitting in the chair, watching me.

Wild West Succubus is available NOW. I’m also giving away a free copy this week. (<<–Click to tweet about it) If you’re interested, use the Rafflecopter (starts 9/1) to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My blog tour starts September 9th and there will be more free copies available then too!

Wild West Succubus - Lila Shaw - Banner

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Prometheus Unstitched Release Day Special Offer!

I want to keep this as easy as possible but I want to share the celebratory fun. Here’s the deal:

Buy a copy of Prometheus Unstitched and receive a free copy of any other book from my backlist

(And you have no idea how giddy it makes me to even be able to say that I have one!)

All you have to do is:

  1. Show some sort of proof of purchase of Prometheus Unstitchedand
  2. Tell me which book you’d like for your freebee.

The easiest way for you Kindle readers to demonstrate purchase is to email me directly with a receipt from your purchase. It’s on your purchase receipt screen. See example from my recent purchase of Victoria Vane’s novella (blocked out my legal name…a gal needs a little privacy, you know):

OR from the same receipt screen, you can Tweet your Amazon purchase then post a link to your tweet as a comment with your choice of book. Tweets always appreciated even if you email! :)

If you forget or mess up on on either of those steps or if you purchase Prometheus from one of the other booksellers, no worries, just forward me ([email protected]) your email receipt and in that email include your choice of one book from my backlist. EVERYONE should leave me a comment telling me to expect an email or containing your tweet link and backlist book choice from the following titles:

If you have already purchased / read my backlist, THANK YOU, but please consider gifting a copy to a friend. Referrals are an author’s best friends.

This offer is open to the first FIVE (5) commenters who share their proof of purchase or August 31st, whichever happens first.

Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop (Int’l) (Winner Selected!)

Congratulations Jennifer Rote!

You were the lucky winner of my giveaway. I’ll be emailing you shortly about prize fulfullment.  Thanks to everyone who participated. I appreciate all the great reading suggestions!

Hi everyone!

We hope you are as excited as we are about the Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop!  Thanks for visiting me today!!

I am giving away a hot-off-the-cyber-press e-book, my debut release from Evernight Publishing, All’s Fair in Love and War. I’m so pleased to brag that it’s doing pretty well it the Chick Lit category at both All Romance ebooks and BookStrand.  Who says Chick Lit is dead? Not me, that’s for sure.

So, a little about me for my first time visitors:

I write erotica and erotic romance as Lila Shaw, mainstream adult fiction as Claire Gillian and young adult fiction under a third name, but she’s shy and doesn’t come out much on my blog. I’ve been writing for about four years, writing the steamier stuff for about two.

I live in the rainy, moldy Pacific NW with my husband and two teenaged sons. It’s actually a perfect place for the likes of a pasty-white, auburn-haired (well, used to be anyway and thanks to Miss Clairol it maintains a reasonable semblance to such) gal. I’m not a full time writer though that’s my retirement dream, a dream that is sadly and happily far too many years away.

Most of my writing involves strong-willed women who are most definitely NOT submissives but would probably be more likely to be the Doms, not that I write about BDSM. I don’t. Sorry. My heroines would have told 50 Shades’ Christian Grey, “Nuh-uh, you are SO not using that thing on me!”. But I do like to keep it light and funny wherever possible, even the sex, cause sex is kind of funny if you think about it. It is!

Enough about me and on to more about the prize.

About My Giveaway:

It’s a two-fer. Free books are great but so are gift cards to Amazon that give you the freedom to buy whatever you like. So one lucky commenter will win both!

One e-book copy of All’s Fair in Love and War

Only two obstacles block Shelby Donaldson’s path to success at her new job—her sizzling hot supervisor and his freezing cold attitude. Maybe her flirting got a little out of hand at first, but that’s no reason for Mr. Sighs-A-Lot to screw her over in her performance review.

Colin Montoya is not going to fall for Shelby’s sex-in-a-suit brand of temptation. He’s got her number and is not going to dial it, nor is he going to allow Shelby’s philandering brother to marry his baby sister.

After an explosive one-night stand goes awry, battle lines are drawn. But can the warring co-workers negotiate a cease-fire long enough to realize their romantic fortunes might just lie in each other?

Read an excerpt at Evernight’s site

AND One $10 gift e-card to Amazon.

Because all the prizes are digital, this giveaway is international.

To Enter:

To enter, all you have to do is tell me your favorite erotic romance or romance that you’ve read lately and why.  The why is very important so don’t forget that part, but really that’s it! No blog follows (though appreciated) or Facebook likes (also appreciated) or Twitter follows (but loved), just a cyber penny for your readerly thoughts because I’m always looking for a good read.

AND when you’ve finished sharing a favorite read and its why, do hop on over to another blog on the list of hoppers linked below.  Thank you again for your visit and have fun!

Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop

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